We are retired ranchers from Canada and Sandra is also a registered nurse .

We visited Bocas about 6 years ago to ‘check it out’ and we loved it! So we went home and started the process of planning our big move.

We literally sold everything and arrived in Bocas with 3 crates of stuff,2 dogs and cat. The animals settled in quickly [so did we] and it soon felt like home.

The house required extensive renovations, fortunately Dave loves doing that stuff. Some wonderful craftsman worked on the project and the fact that Dave did not speak Spanish and they did not speak English was not much of a problem [most of the time!].

After the renovations were complete Dave decided he needed something else to do so he built the pool-have to keep this man busy!


Our house is perfectly situated on Bluff Beach with views of the jungle behind us and the beach and the Caribbean steps away.

This wonderful area is home for us but Off the Grid living is not for everyone. As the sun provides our power there are some restrictions that everyone must be aware of. It is not possible to use a hairdryer or anything with a heating element.

We do not have air conditioning,our rooms are cooled with the ocean breeze and whisper quiet,powerful ceiling fans. Turtle Beach House is 20 minutes out of busy Bocas town . Our trips to town for supplies are made on a quad bike as we do not own a car! The road to Bluff is not paved ,it is a bumpy,sandy adventure! Taxis are readily available and there is a shuttle bus that runs during the day. Other options are quad or bicycle rental.



In order to preserve not only the beach,but also the nesting area for sea turtles, Bluff Beach is designated as a municipal reserve .

We work with our friends at ANABOCA to help educate our visitors. Please ask us about arranging “Turtle Tours” with a certified guide. [Turtle season is May-October]